Waiter Uniforms

It used to be that there was only one choice when it came to waiter uniforms: a traditional shirt and tie. But with changes in the restaurant and hospitality industries, waiter uniforms have undergone some changes of their own. Today, waiter uniforms are most often chosen to reflect the style of the eating establishment or hospitality company. More casual environments now call for simpler waiter uniforms that often include a plain polo shirt, a pair of slacks, and an apron. Various restaurants often try to add some flair to these standard causal waiter uniforms, but the basics remain the same. Restaurants that are more upscale and want to project a classy, high quality image often invest in waiter uniforms that are more akin to suit and tie or even a tuxedo. Some of these high-end restaurants also choose long sleeved shirts paired with waiter vests or coats for their waiter uniforms.

When choosing waiter uniforms, however, style and image are not the only factors that need to be considered. Waiting tables is a labor-intensive job, and it is because of this that waiter uniforms also need to be both functional and comfortable. Attention should be paid to how well a uniform works for your wait staff and how well the uniforms stand up to a lot of wear and tear and multiple washings. By choosing waiter uniforms that are both comfortable and stylish, you will find that you, your wait staff, and your customers will be extremely satisfied.

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