Nursing Scrubs

Before the times of modern medicine, nuns provided much of the care given to ill individuals. And it was because of this that the first uniforms for nurses were styled after a nun’s habit. These traditional nursing uniforms consisted of a dress and apron along with a white cap. For many years, nurses were easily identified by their traditional uniforms, which remained relatively unchanged until the 1980s.

It was at this time that medical scrubs began to increase in popularity and many nurses felt the scrubs helped them become freer to do their work and were easier to wash and care for than trying to keep up a dress, apron, and hat. It is because of this and other reasons that nursing scrubs are the uniform of choice for most nurses working in the health care field today.

Because of the boom in popularity of nursing scrubs, there are more options for nursing scrubs today than ever before. No longer are nurses limited to only one style and color of shirt and pants. Now nurses can choose from nursing scrubs in styles that are more flattering and comfortable than ever. In fact, many nurses find that today’s styles of nursing scrubs best reflect their own personal tastes and sense of style. Popular brands of nursing scrubs include Dickies, Landau, Dansko, Cherokee, Disney, and even Grey’s Anatomy has a line of nursing scrubs for nurses to choose from. It is safe to say that today’s nurses are more stylish and confident than ever before!

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