Grey's Anatomy Scrubs

Barco's Newest Line of Fashionable, High Quality Medical Scrubs

One of the complaints medical workers commonly express is the boredom they feel with a lack of selection in their wardrobe. The ability to change colors, wear fun prints and select from different designs helps shake up what would be an unexciting clothing selection. Barco has teamed up with ABC to create a line of scrubs based on the popular TV show Grey's Anatomy. Scrubs based on the clothes worn by the characters of the show exhibit the latest designs, styles and color combinations.

Being a less common size, such as petite, maternity, plus or big and tall, doesn't have to mean that you are stuck without options for your medical wardrobe. All of the top brands of scrubs are available in every size, so each medical professional has options when it comes to up-to-date, stylish, well-fitting outfits. Some styles are available all the way up to 5X.

Whether you are a fan of the show or just a fan of good fashion, Grey's Anatomy Scrubs offer a variety of styles and prints that just aren't available from other manufactures. Along with the popular V-neck, these scrubs come in wrap-around styles, styles with no pockets or up to five pockets, the stylish twist neck and with belted waist bands. Each top or pair of pants is available in a variety of colors, so if you find a style you particularly like, you can have one for every day of the week all in different colors.

It is often hard to keep a large medical facility at a comfortable temperature. Sometimes, hospital wards are kept at uncomfortably cool temperatures year round, making it necessary for medical personnel to wear long sleeves under their scrubs, and often jackets over their scrubs. Grey's Anatomy scrubs offers comfortable long sleeve scrub tops, long sleeve tee-shirts to wear under scrubs and jackets so that staying warm is easy and stylish.

Lab coats are usually confined to one style, but Grey's Anatomy lab coats are available in several new and updated styles to look professional and polished while staying in style. A choice between elastic and drawstring pants allows you options for style as well as comfort.

A medical wardrobe is no longer devoid of options for the professional that wants to keep a sense of fashion. Shake up your medical wardrobe with easy to wear, easy to care for styles that last and last. A quality pair of scrubs by Barco is sure to last, and coupled with designs by top TV talent, these scrubs are almost as big a hit as the TV series.

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