Chef Hats

Have you ever wondered where chef hats came from or what the story is behind this interesting headgear? The truth is that the origin of chef hats is not completely known. What is known, however, is that chef hats have a long history going as far as before the time of Christ. Many scholars believe that chefs in Iran and other middle eastern countries wore a form of chef hats during this time period. And while the style of chef hats has understandably changed over the centuries, the purpose of these hats remains the same: chef hats are worn to keep hair back and to keep hair from falling into food that is being prepared.

But beyond the functional use of chef hats, these hats also carry with them a tradition of symbolism as well. For example, a head chef is the person who gets to wear the chef hat with the most pleats, signifying that this person is the most experienced chef. It used to be that a head chef would always wear a chef hat with 100 pleats, but today this may not always be the case. No matter how many pleats in a chef hat today, it still serves as a way to distinguish between the chef and the cooks in a kitchen.

Today, many of the most common types of chef hats are made of paper instead of the traditional cloth. There are also a variety of different styles now to choose from, including hats made of poplin or twill and hats with beanie or skull-cap styles.

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